What is the Parelli method of horse training?


I’m looking into joining the Parelli program. Does anyone have any good (or bad) reviews?


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  1. More than an equine discipline, Parelli synthesizes the best of Western and Classical Dressage disciplines; movement quality is emphasized to connect horse and rider with relaxed fluid energy, suppleness, suppleness. The ultimate goal at Parelli is for this mastery over ‘energy awareness’ to translate into the increased athletic ability for human athletes.

    The longstanding philosophy behind the programs built around “horses living in harmony” has always been that horses are people too – just with four legs! Horses have different personality types, likes, and dislikes just as much as humans do – all individualistic traits that should be honoured. Through repetition, working together gently yet aggressively when necessary, horses learn how to respond fluidly so they can bring their best to any situation. Parelli is the only horse training program that lays out a clearly defined path for an individual’s self-improvement through Parelli riding techniques.

    Using Parelli methods, Parelli Training Centers teach the rider how to communicate with horses using “behavioral language” that all species can understand. Parelli students learn how to make themselves understood by their horse in ways they’ll never forget! There are no translations necessary…

    The Parelli Method of Horse Training involves developing better communication between human and animal through harnessing the power of behavioural language.

    Parelli students learn Parelli horse training exercises which they practice on their own. Parelli instructors are available to help Parelli students along the way.

    Parelli Method of Horse Training is one of many methods that have been developed over the years by Parelli Natural Horsemanship, Inc. PNHI was founded in 1981 by Pat Parelli who continues as its CEO and President today. PNHI has offices located throughout North America, Australia, Europe and Asia. PNHI’s business model includes franchising opportunities for people who would like to become PNHI-certified Instructors or open their own PNHI-affiliated facility.

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