What does an equine chiropractor do?


I’m thinking of getting an equine / horse chiropractor for my mare. What do they actually do?


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  1. An equine chiropractor is a health care professional who, among other things, diagnoses and treats horses for their musculoskeletal problems. As with human physiotherapy, an equine chiropractor assesses the animal physically to determine the cause of any symptoms.

    They will then adjust what are called spinal segments which are critical areas of the spine associated with pain. Any muscles that have become prone to spasm because of sensory overload or traumatic injury will also be treated by means of massage therapy or electrotherapy applied directly to them.

    An understanding of anatomy is also required in order to understand various types of hoof problems, skin conditions and other diseases so they can prescribe appropriate treatments. These could include anything from acupuncture treatments, physiotherapy, massage therapy and nutritional supplements.

    Most equine chiropractors will also take an X-ray of the horse if they suspect there may be something wrong with its bones or other internal structures. The primary aim is to detect any abnormalities in the horse’s musculoskeletal system so that they can be corrected before they develop into a serious problem for the animal.

    This would involve manipulating various joints or areas of tissue until they are back into normal working order. If it is not possible to do this on-site, many equine chiropractors will recommend an individualized exercise plan for horses that involves frequent treatment sessions at home until their owner is satisfied that everything has been restored to normal.

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