Should a farrier treat a hoof abscess?


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My farrier wants to treat my horses abscess. Should I let him?


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  1. Hoof abscesses are best treated with antibiotics and injectable medication. Farriers can put a shoe on the horse and call for veterinary assistance.

    Please don’t let your farrier treat your horse’s hoof abscess “in his spare time.” There needs to be someone qualified to take care of the problem who is willing to spend the time needed to address it properly. Your hooves need professional attention from a doctor or vet, not just from a horseshoer who happens to have “spare” time until his next job calls him away.

    Farriers can diagnose an abscessed condition, but they should never attempt after-hours treatments unattended by a veterinarian simply because they want more work for themselves.

    Too many hoof problems result in the farrier putting on a shoe and calling for help when your horse really needs to see a veterinarian, immediately. If you cannot contact your own veterinary service (which is best), look up the number of one in your area and call them at night or on the weekend.

    You need to find out what kind of hoof problem your horse has and whether you did the right thing by calling for help instead of asking someone else to treat it in his spare time.

    The hoof is a very important part of the equine anatomy, and needs to be treated accordingly.

  2. I totally disagree, especially if your have an experienced farrier. In many cases a very will even call a farrier to come and deal with the problem if they have a good relationship.

    In my experience my farrier can treat an abscess with much less fuss, better result, and certainly cheaper than a vet.

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