Is Farrier a French word?


Any ideas?


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  1. Yes, it is. You can trace the word back to its Latin roots, “ferrarius” meaning “worker with iron”. The definition of the work farrier is “a person who trims horse hooves and shoes them.”

    The history of farriery spans many centuries. One author reports that they date back as far as early Egypt! Across the years, there have been advances in both technology and knowledge which has allowed for improved safety standards, improved materials used in making horseshoes and pads.

    In Australia, as far as I know there no need for a qualification like in the UK or the USA. Where I live there are quite a few UK farriers who have come out to Australia.

    I have to admit they are much more professional and run their businesses well.

    We all know how unreliable some farriers can be. Not all, but some.

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