Do horses wolf teeth fall out naturally?


I have a 2 year old warmblood I’m about to break in. My breaker has asked for the wolf teeth to be removed before breaking. Do wolf teeth fall out naturally or should I get a dentist to him?


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  1. Most horse’s wolf teeth fall out naturally with age. When they don’t, they are removed by an equine dentist. Typically race horses, show horses, jumpers, dressage horses, any other horses have a dentist for annual check-ups.

    During a horse’s dental check up, the dentist will also look at their wolf teeth. Sometimes horses have tooth resorption which causes the tooth to naturally dissolve or break off, but sometimes horses’ wolf teeth don’t fall out on their own and need to be pulled. The dental check up also ensures that horses don’t have any other problems such as mouth pain or infection that might be impeding their ability to eat and getting in the way of their overall happiness.

    In Australia, many breeders and trainers will have the horses wolf teeth removed at a young age, ie 2 or 3 or just before breaking in.

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