Can you make money breeding warmbloods?


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Has anyone actually made any money breeding in Australia and actually made the business work? I just keep losing money.


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  1. There are various reasons you might want to consider breeding warmblood horses, but above all else, you should understand that it takes a lot of money and expertise. As with any hobby or business venture, there is no simple answer.

    You can make money by breeding warmbloods. I’ve made plenty of decent money by breeding horses, but you need to know how it works. The bloodline is the name of the game, and you’ll need to study up on lineage before trying your luck at breeding within different breeds for maximum profit potential.

    Not all horse breeders will make money. You need to be prepared for some initial losses and know that your horse might not produce a perfect foal every time, but if you can learn about horse breeding, start small and scale up as you learn what works and what doesn’t, the potential is there to make good profit.

    Before we talk about how to make good horse breeding money, let’s discuss horse breeding itself. Horse breeding is not simply “breeding two horses together”. This is the novice mistake that I made when I started horse training and horse breeding. You can’t just breed any horse with another horse and expect success.

    When thinking about horse business ideas , you need to consider horse breeding as a science. Bloodlines, lineage and horse genealogy all play into your horse business. You can’t simply breed any horse with anyone and expect to make money; you need to understand bloodlines and how they work together.

    When horse businesses started (many, many years ago), horse breeders would often just “breed horses together” without really understanding the horse bloodlines. They were trying to simply produce more horses, but they didn’t know how horse genes worked.

    This is why horse breeding money isn’t made by breeding horses together willy-nilly — horse genetics are involved in horse breeding success . You might breed two horses that you think should make a perfectly good horse, but you might produce an unhealthy foal or one that doesn’t act like it should.

    Horse breeding is about understanding horse genealogy and horse bloodlines in the area of horse business ideas . If you know what breeds do well together (and why), then horse business opportunities are there to be taken advantage of. Do your horse business research and horse breeding study before you jump into horse breeding, because it could cost you in the long run.

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