Can a horse recover from a suspensory ligament injury?


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I have a horse with a suspensory ligament problem. Will it heal and what should I do to treat. My vet gave me some tips, but also looking for others who have successfully rehabilitated a horse with the same issue.


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  1. Horses often recover from suspensory ligament injuries. There are always exceptions, but even if surgery is required, usually the horse will make a full recovery.

    If surgery is not an option then the horse should be allowed to rest for at least six weeks before exercise, after which time it can gradually return to normal work over a period of few months. Facilities that provide therapy or hydrotherapy services may help with this process by reducing swelling and encouraging healing through increased blood flow to the area. If so indicated by MRI tests, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy injections have also been shown to help speed up recovery though they are quite expensive and not all veterinarians agree on its effectiveness.

    You could also try something like PEMF therapy.

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